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No. 15
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Details of No. 15:
No. 15/1
No. 15/2
Publication: 1875. Bastian, Adolf. Die deutsche Expedition an der Loango-Küste - nebst älteren Nachrichten über die zu erforschenden Länder, Vol. II.

Original language: German

Caption: none

Text: none

Illustrator: W.A. Meyn, engraver/lithographer
Illustration technique: studio engraving

Publication page: frontispiece

Publication plate/figure: tafel II, figs. 1-3a

Related images: Details of bracelet: #s 15/1 & 15/2 Bracelet also published in 1885: see details of #1197.2

• Cabinda (Country, region, place)
• Congo-Kinshasa (Country, region, place)
• Angola (Country, region, place)
• Congo-Brazzaville (Country, region, place)
• wood (Materials and techniques)
• copper (Materials and techniques)
• Lemba healing (Notable features)
• bracelet (Object name, type)
• harp (Object name, type)
• musical instrument (Object name, type)
• Kongo (Style, culture group)

• Berlin Museum für Völkerkunde (#3) (Current collection)
• Collected by Adolf Bastian ca. 1870 (Collection at time of publication)
• III C 347 (Current collection)

Jim Ross, (4/6/2007): Note what appears to be a human caught in the mouth of a crocodile which rises from the harp's sound box.

Jim Ross, (11/4/2012):

 Fig 1 (top left): a similar object appears in Royal Arts of Africa. The Majesty of Form by Suzanne Preston Blier (1998) 210, fig 167 and is described in the caption as a "Woyo (Angola). A chieftain's knife (cimpaba) collected in 1878. Wood, length 20-3/4 (53 cm). Sociedade de Geografia, Lisbon." The caption continues with a further discusion of the cimpaba.

Jim Ross, (8/18/2013):

Figs. 3 (bottom right & left): a photograph of a portion of this bracelet & a drawing thereof appear in Iowa Studies in African Art, Vol III - ("Art & Initiation in Zaire" edited by Christopher D. Roy) in an article by John M. Janzen and Reinhild Kauenhoven Janzen entitled "The Art of Lemba in Lower Zaire", 1990, 113, ills. 9a-b with the following caption on p108: "Lemba bracelet, cast copper, Loango Tschicambo, Museum fur Volkerkunde Berlin-Dahlem (MVBD), # III C 347, and drawing of same bracelet, from Bastian (1875)." The bracelet is discussed on p101ff.

Jim Ross, (9/16/2014):

Fig 1 (top left): what I assume is the same object discussed in the 11/4/12 comment appears in a color photograph presumably in Tesouros Da Sociedade De Geografia De Lisboa coordinated by Luis Aires Barros (2001) 109 with the following caption: "Chimpaba. Wooyo. Cabinda. Simbolo do poder dos chefs Woyo (comp. 52 cm)." The Lisbon object has the same carvingon the cutting edge of the blade. In addition, it has some cutout decorations on the blade body and a leopard-looking animal head for a handle.