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No. 626.1
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No. 626.1/1
No. 626.1/2
Publication: 1878. Oberländer, Richard. Westafrika - vom Senegal bis Benguela. Reisen und Schilderungen aus Senegambien, Ober-und Niederguinea. Mit besonderer Rücksicht auf die Deutsche Expedition an die Loangoküste und deren Ausgang.

Original language: German

Caption translation: Dance of the fetish priestesses. In the background a tree with bats and the King's execution area.

Caption: Tanz der Fetischpriesterinnen. Im Hintergrunde eim Baum mit Fledermäusen und Richtplatz des Königs

Text translation: No text

Text: No text
Illustration technique: field engraving

Publication page: 225

Publication plate/figure: figure

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• Benin Republic (Country, region, place)
• Dahomey (Country, region, place)
• wood (Materials and techniques)
• altar ? (Notable features)
• monkey (Notable features)
• seated figures (Notable features)
• bats (Notable features)
• dancers (Notable features)
• dog (Notable features)
• human hanging (Notable features)
• scaffolding (Notable features)
• sculpture (Object name, type)
• animal figurines (Object name, type)
• vodun (Object name, type)
• Fon (Style, culture group)

Jim Ross, (8/19/2015): This image appears in Soul of Africa. Magical Rites and Traditions by Klaus E. Müller and Ute Ritz-Müller with photographs by Henning Christoph (1999-German ed., 2000-English ed.) 319, with the following caption: "Dance of the fetish priestesses. Backdrop: a tree with bats and king's execution ground.  From Westafrika. Vom Senegal bis Benguela, Leipzig 1878." Interesting section on "Cult - a stage for sacred acts." on pp316-19.