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No. 4.2
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Publication: 1910. Alldridge, Thomas J. A Transformed Colony: Sierra Leone as it Was, and as it Is. Its Progress, Peoples, Native Customs and Undeveloped Wealth..

Original language: English

Caption: A Secret Society. A Poro boy in dancing costume, Gaura country, Upper Mendiland.

Text: no text

Illustrator: Garrett and/or Alldridge, Garrett, G.H. and/or T.J. Alldridge
Illustration technique: b/w field photograph

Publication page: facing 220

Publication plate/figure: plate, bottom

• Gaura Chiefdom (Country, region, place)
• Sierra Leone (Country, region, place)
• cloth (Materials and techniques)
• leather (Materials and techniques)
• raffia (Materials and techniques)
• collar (Notable features)
• headpiece (Notable features)
• amulets (Notable features)
• neck ornament (Notable features)
• ritual insigne (Notable features)
• Poro costume (Object name, type)
• Mende (Style, culture group)

Susan Kart, (2/19/2004): Image not mentioned in original text. Same image appears in a review of Alldridge's book in "Nature" (London) vol. 83, No. 2122, June 30, 1910, p. 524.

Henrietta Cosentino, (12/1/2005): Gaura chiefdom is about 20 miles SE of Kenema.

Fred Lamp, (9/14/2006): This is clearly Mende. The skirt indicates that the boy is an initiate, and the four-part neck ornament is an insigne of ritual practitioners.

Jim Ross, (1/19/2015):

 This image appears in the UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History publication Representing Woman. Sande Masquerades of the Mende of Sierra Leone by Ruth B. Phillips (1995) 133, fig. 6.29 with the following caption: "The k כl כewengoi that ornament sowie masks are borrowed from the elements of male dance costumes. From Alldridge 1910."