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No. 550/1
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No. 550
Publication: 1900. Schurtz, Heinrich. Urgeschichte der Kultur.

Original language: German

Caption translation: Masks of different peoples. 6.-8. West African masks (6. Cameroon....). After L. Frobenius

Caption: Masken verschiedener Völker. 6.-8. Westafrikanische Masken (6. Kamerun....). Nach L. Frobenius

Text: No text

Illustrator: , after Frobenius
Illustration technique: studio drawing; color

Publication page: f. 117

Publication plate/figure: plate; fig. 6

Related images: Mask appears several times between 1896 & 1901: see #s 550/1, 1249/12, 1431, 2340

• Cameroon (Country, region, place)
• painted (Materials and techniques)
• carved wood (Materials and techniques)
• buffalo (Notable features)
• cow (Notable features)
• crocodile snout (Notable features)
• horns (Notable features)
• ekongolo mask (Object name, type)
• Abo (Style, culture group)
• Duala (Style, culture group)

• Museum für Völkerkunde, Munchen, inv. no. 88.83. (Current collection)
• Museum für Völkerkunde, Munchen; acquired from F.A. Schran 1888. (Collection at time of publication)

Jim Ross, (7/7/2014):

For comments, see #1249/12.