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No. 8
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Publication: 1910. Alldridge, Thomas J. A Transformed Colony: Sierra Leone as it Was, and as it Is. Its Progress, Peoples, Native Customs and Undeveloped Wealth..

Original language: English

Caption: Bundu Devils. At the town of Gorn, Mando County, Upper Mendi. The costumes worn by these devils are of fibre; masks conceal their faces, and continuations of country-woven cloth cover their legs and feet, modernized frequently by boots or tan-coloured shoes, for no part of their skin must be seen.

Text: No text

Illustrator: Garrett, G.H. and/or T. J. Alldridge Garrett, G.H. and/or T. J. Alldridge, many photographs taken from negatives of Mr. G.H. Garrett and his expedition to chief Almami Samodu
Illustration technique: b/w field photograph

Publication page: facing 234

Publication plate/figure: plate

• Mando County (Country, region, place)
• Gorahun (Country, region, place)
• Sierra Leone (Country, region, place)
• cloth (Materials and techniques)
• fiber (Materials and techniques)
• wood (Materials and techniques)
• attendants (Notable features)
• costume (Notable features)
• Sande society (Notable features)
• helmet masks (Object name, type)
• masker (Object name, type)
• sowei (Object name, type)
• Mende (Style, culture group)

Henrietta Cosentino, (9/3/2004): 'Gorn' is probably Gorahun, one of several towns by that name, two of which are northeast of Kenema, in 'Upper' Mendeland.

Jim Ross, (9/6/2004): See comment to #4 for generally similar masks.

Jim Ross, (6/30/2011):

This photograph appears from the Fred Lamp files on the Yale van Rijn website, 0114316~01 & 02. Also appears on 0117125~01....

Jim Ross, (11/2/2012):

This image appears in Bundu. Sowei Headpieces of the Sande Society of West Africa. The Imperato Family Collection by Gavin H. Imperato and Pascal James Imperato (2012) 47, fig 15 with the following caption: "Two ndoli joweisia with Sande Society attendants including two ligbeisia holding straw mats, Gorn, Sierra Leone (Thomas J. Alldridge, 1910, opposite page 234)."