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No. 7
Publication: 1910. Alldridge, Thomas J. A Transformed Colony: Sierra Leone as it Was, and as it Is. Its Progress, Peoples, Native Customs and Undeveloped Wealth..

Original language: English

Caption: [...] The shorter figure on the left is the Nafari or Herald [...]

Text: No text

Illustrator: Mr. G.H. Garrett (presumed) Mr. G.H. Garrett (presumed), (all?) photographs taken from negatives of Mr. G.H. Garrett and his expedition to chief Almami Samodu (as per Alldridge's introduction. see book notes)
Illustration technique: b/w field photograph

Publication page: facing 196

Publication plate/figure: plate

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• Sierra Leone (Country, region, place)
• fabric (Materials and techniques)
• cloth (Materials and techniques)
• fiber (Materials and techniques)
• costume (Notable features)
• Poro society (Notable features)
• masquerader (Object name, type)
• mask (Object name, type)
• nafali (Object name, type)
• Mende (Style, culture group)