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No. 1089.1
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Publication: 1907. Cole, Rev. Henry. "The Witch-Doctors and Their Ways." The World Wide Magazine, Vol. XIX, No. 114.

Original language: English

Caption: The odd-looking fetish here shown is the guardian of a village, being supposed to keep away evil spirits and pestilence. From a Photo. By Rev. A.W. Wood.

Text: no text

Illustrator: Rev. A.W. Wood, "From a photo by Rev. A.W. Wood."
Illustration technique: b/w field photograph

Publication page: 591

Publication plate/figure: top figure

• East Africa (Country, region, place)
• carved wood (Materials and techniques)
• standing male (Notable features)
• sculpture (Object name, type)
• guardian figure (Object name, type)
• protective statuette (Object name, type)
• Sukuma ? (Style, culture group)

Jim Ross, (7/1/2013):

See illustrations & additional information on "Sukuma figures in the form of stelae" on p29 of Shangaa. Art of Tanzania, 2013, QCC Art Gallery, The City University of New York, pp1-341.