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No. 1274.1
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Publication: 1873. "Our War with the Ashantees." The Graphic, Vol. 8, No. 191 (July 26).

Original language: English

Caption: Prince Hahansu's Fetish House at Coomassie.

Text: “The gods in the engraving of Prince Hahansu’s fetiche house are rudely fashioned of clay and wood, painted red and white. The post to the left of the two central figures is smeared with blood and feathers, as also are the raised platforms on which the other deities are placed. The prostrate figure is a devotee taking Afa; he is covered with a square of a sacred cloth, something like a piece of calico with splashes of blood on it. On another part of the picture may be perceived a cord of blue or white cotton, from which hangs a globe of similar material. This is a life fetiche. The little vessels before the gods contain offerings of rum and fruit.” (p. 76)
Illustration technique: b/w context engraving

Publication page: 76

Publication plate/figure: figure

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• Benin Republic (Country, region, place)
• West Africa (Country, region, place)
• Cana (Country, region, place)
• Dahomey (Country, region, place)
• earthenware (Materials and techniques)
• carved wood (Materials and techniques)
• iron (Materials and techniques)
• animal (Notable features)
• asen (Object name, type)
• sculpture (Object name, type)
• shrine room (Object name, type)
• standing figure (Object name, type)
• altar piece (Object name, type)
• statue (Object name, type)
• Fon (Style, culture group)

Henrietta Cosentino, (12/6/2007): I'm quite sure that this is Dahomean not Ghanaian, in spite of the ids on several of the images--in other words, I think Skertchly's info the most reliable. Per Edna Bay (Wives of the Leopard), Skertchly's 'Hahanso' was Crown Prince Ahanhanso, vidaho to Glele and by 1871 actively enjoying his crown-prince-hood (p. 274). From Skertchly it seems his palace was in Cana.