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No. 1095
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Publication: 1897. Liebrechts, Commandant and Lieutenant Th. Masui. Guide de la Section de l'État Indépendant du Congo à l'Exposition de Bruxelles-Tervueren en 1897.

Original language: French

Caption: none

Text translation: "The furniture is of composed SEATS, well wrought in the Urua where one can even find some that are supported by one or two sculpted figures representing women; the Vuakusu make seats covered with leopard skin, garnished with cowries and copper. In the forest, one finds couch-seats accommodating several people and also a STOOL made from the forked branch of a tree.”

Text: “Le mobilier se compose de SIÈGES, très travaillés dans l’Urua où l’on en voit même qui sont soutenus par un ou deux personnages sculptés représentant des femmes; les Vuakusu font des sièges couverts de peaux de léopards, garnis de cauris et de cuivre. Dans la forêt, on trouve des sièges-canapés pour plusiers personnes et aussi un TABOURET tiré de la branche fourchue d’un arbre.” (p. 172)
Illustration technique: b/w studio photograph

Publication page: 172

Publication plate/figure: figure

Related images: This Luba stool, now in Tervuren, appeared in 1897, 1898 & 1903: see #s 1095, 63, 433.

• Congo-Kinshasa (Country, region, place)
• Katanga (Country, region, place)
• Shaba (Country, region, place)
• carved (Materials and techniques)
• wood (Materials and techniques)
• arms raised (Notable features)
• caryatid (Notable features)
• cicatrized (Notable features)
• squatting female (Notable features)
• wrists (Notable features)
• stool (Object name, type)
• Luba (Style, culture group)

• -------------;donated to the Royal Museum of Central Africa in 1914. (Collection at time of publication)
• Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren (EO. 0.0.17193) (Current collection)

Jim Ross, (5/22/2004): Appears in fig 112 on p123 of the 1998 trans. of a 1996 book "African Royal Court Art" by Michèle Coquet with the following caption: "Caryatid stool. Wood. Katanga, Luba. Height: 48.5 cm. Tervuren, Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale. R.G. 17193."

Jim Ross, (7/9/2004):

Appears on p20, fig 34 in (i) 1972 catalogue "Art L'Afrique Centrale" & (ii) 1973 catalogue "Art Traditionnel Du Zaire" both of which  have the same caption as follows: "Tabouret D'Apparat A Cariatide. Emblème d'authorité. Cat. M.R.A.C. Tervuren: 17193. Tribu: Luba. Région: Shaba. H: 485 mm."

Jim Ross, (12/9/2008): Also appears on p935 of the 1er Decembre 1928 issue of L"Art Vivant." (Paris)

Jim Ross, (1/24/2012):

A janus caryatid stool in this same style (see reference in text to two figure stools) appears in lot 61 in, & on the cover of, a catalogue of Mes Chambelland et Giafferi entitled Arts Primitifs for their 14 Juin 1986 Paris auction. The janus stool, labeled "Shankadi," was brought back before 1910 by Mr. René Faure, a great uncle of the seller.

The same janus stool appears in the Belgian Government Information Center publication Negro Art In Belgian Kongo by Leon Kochnitzky (1949) 53 with the following caption: "Baluba Caryatide Supporting A Stool - Belgian Congo Museum. Tervueren-Brussels. This type of caryatide is generally carved in an emotional style very akin to modern expressionism. The suggestion has been made that it might impersonate a female ancestor of the family, holding the throne reserved for the chief."

A full page color photograph of one side of this janus caryatid stool appears in African Art by Ivan Bargna (2000) color plate 31 with the following opening portion of its caption on p122: "Chair, Luba-Hemba, Congo, wood; height 48.5 cm". On p255, we're informed that this object is in the collection of the Musée Royal de l'Afrique Centrale, Tervuren. 

Jim Ross, (3/26/2012):

For more information on this stool, see pp 101 &123 (fig 17) in the 2010 Parcours des Mondes publication Ode au grand art africain. Les statues meurent aussi. Une exposition autour du film de Presence Africaine réalizé par Alain Resnais et Chris Marker.

Jim Ross, (6/29/2012):

Appears in Ernst Fuhrmann's Afrika - Sakralkulte Vorgeschichte ser Hierglyphen (1922), Bild 30 with the caption "Congo. Hocker."

Appears in Art of Africa by Joseph Cornet (1971) 193, pl. 95.

Jim Ross, (3/25/2013):

 This caryatid stool, viewed from eye-level rather than from above, appears in an article by Philippe Soupault entitled L'Art Africain Au Congo Belge which in turn is in Le Miroir du Congo Belge, Tome II (1929) 248 with the following caption: "Siège Warua."

Same eye-level view appears on p935 of an article by Gaston-Denys Perier entitled "L"Art Populaire Au Congo" (pp934-5) in the Paris periodical L'Art Vivant with the captions "L'Art Au Congo" and "Collection du Musée du Congo Belge, Tervuren."

Jim Ross, (7/20/2013):

This object appears in fig 23 on p11 in the article "En visitant Tervueren" by H. Clouzot et A. Level in the Bruxelles/Paris periodical La Nervie, 1926, IX-X, 9-10 with the following caption: "(Collection du Musée de Tervueren). Siège à cariatide, où il faut admirer la combinaison des droites et des courbes en même temps que l'etonnante disposition des espaces."

Jim Ross, (10/15/2013):

 This object appears in a series of photographs independent of any article, between pp354-5 in the Bruxelles periodical Variétés, 15 Novembre 1928, 1re Année, No. 7 with the following caption: "Chaise Mabembe réservée au chef de la famille. Coll. Musée du Congo, à Tervueren."

Jim Ross, (12/18/2013):

 Appears with the following information on the Tervuren Museum website: 

Object type: furniture > stool > caryatid stool 
Materials: wood  
Place of collecting: Democratic Republic of the Congo > Katanga > Tanganyika   
Culture: Luba 
Date of acquisition: 1914-05-14 
Dimensions: 48,5 cm x 32 cm x 29 cm 
Inventory number: EO.0.0.17193

Marc Ghysels, (2/12/2014):

You can watch a 3D opaque CT scan video of that stool on the following webpage (see Luba Stool #05):

Jim Ross, (2/13/2014):

 Front and back views of this caryatid Luba stool & two other stools appear on p108 (front view) & 109 (back view) of an article entitled "Kalamba-Mukenge. Fondateur du 'Riamba' ou culte du chanvre" by le Docteur J. Maes in the Paris periodical Pro Medico 15e Année. 1938, No. 4, 108-111 with the following caption for the front view: "Sièges fétiches des Baluba, vu de face. (Musée du Congo à Tervuren)." The back view has the same caption except for the insertion of "dos" in lieu of "face."

Jim Ross, (5/31/2014):

 This stool appears front and rear views in a color photograph in African Seats edited by Sandro Bocola (1995) 120-1 & in b/w photo on p187, cat. 132, with the following caption: "Caryatid stool. Luba-Hemba, Zaire. Wood, height 48.5, diam. 30 cm. Africa Museum, Tervuiren. Inv. 17193."

Jim Ross, (11/15/2014):

 Appears with another object (neither of which are from the Kuba) in Les Merveilles Du Congo Belge NA, (ND) NP, no plate number with the following caption: "Art indigène. Sièges sculptés (Bakuba). Cliché Musée du Congo Belge."

Jim Ross, (6/11/2015):
A large color photograph of this stool on p.101 appears in Ode au grand art africain. Les statues meurent aussi published in connection with an exhibition by the same name at la Monnaie de Paris in connection with the Paris Parcours des Mondes 2010. Extensive information on p123/

Jim Ross, (12/2/2016): See another Luba caryatid stool, only somewhat similar to the one in #1095, which appears in an Artcurial Paris auction with the catalogue entitled Art Tribal, 6 dédembre 2016, 52-55, fig 37. It was collected by Captain Henri Orquevaux (1881-1917) before 1914. Informative text showing several other similar stools by Benard de Grunne.