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No. 1473.1
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Publication: 1893. Burton, Isabel, Lady. The life of Captain Sir Richd F. Burton by his wife, Isabel Burton, Vol. 1 of 2 volumes.

Original language: English

Caption: The Chief Officer Of Richard's Brigade Of Amazons
Sketched by himself

Text: He made my husband a Brigadier-General of his Amazons, and I was madly jealous from afar; for I imagined lovely womern in flowing robes, armed, and riding thoroughbred Arabs, and opposite is the Amazon as, to my great relief, I found she was (afterwards).
[p383 re King Gelele of Dahomé making Richard Burton a Brigadier-General of the king's Amazons]

Illustrator: Richard Burton
Illustration technique: after sketch

Publication page: facing 383

• Dahomey (now known as Republic of Benin) (Country, region, place)
• weaved painted or drawn on headband (Notable features)
• 4-legged (Notable features)
• insect (Object name, type)
• lizard-like figure (Object name, type)
• Amazon (Style, culture group)

Jim Ross, (6/27/2017): See insect portrayed on headband.