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No. 1491
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Publication: 1897. Brasseur, Commandant, René Vauthier, ed. "Lettre sur le Katanga (suite); (1) Du Lac Moëro à Lofoï." La Belgique Coloniale, Vol. II, No. 20 - third year.

Original language: French

Caption translation: 1-2: Fetish scepters of the Great Luba chief (Katanga area) 3: Elephant's tail killed at Moero Lake 4: Knife of Kanioka in Kasai 5: Copper spear of Katanga 6: Iron spear of Katanga 7: Fetish scepter of a little Suba [sic*] chief (Katanga). [*Kuba?]

Caption: "1-2: Sceptres fétiches d'un grand chef Luba (zone du Katanga) 3: Queue d'éléphant tué au lac Moero 4: Couteau de Kaniokas au Kassai 5: Lance en cuivre du Katanga 6: Lance en fer du Katanga 7: Sceptre fétiche d'un petit chef Suba [sic*] (Katanga)." [*Kuba?]

Text: none

Illustrator: J. Malvaux, SC J. Malvaux, SC
Illustration technique: b/w studio photograph

Publication page: 233

Publication plate/figure: 1-11

• Congo-Kinshasa (Country, region, place)
• Katanga (Country, region, place)
• figurated (Notable features)
• head (Notable features)
• standing female (Notable features)
• scepter (Object name, type)
• staff (Object name, type)
• Luba (Style, culture group)

Jim Ross, (10/9/2006): Fom Susan Kart on 12/18/03:
Object numbers are underneath original photograph and are from L to R as follows : 1 5 6 5 3 5 7 5 2, except for the 2 short knives which are labeled #4 [jjr: therefore, figurative staffs are Nos. 1, 7 & 2.]